vidaXL 140283


This compressor set is designed to be used with airbrush and small spray guns. And they can be used for all airbrush applications, spray tanning, modeling, make up, tattoos, T-shirts, nail art and bike helmet, etc.

The professional airbrush set consists of a mini compressor, two airbrush guns and other accessories:

1. Mini Piston Compressor

This oil-free piston compressor with air regulator, air filter and manometer is suitable for all airbrushes with the nozzle size of 0.2-1.0mm.

- Features and functions:

  • Portable and easy to operate
  • Thermally protected
  • Low noise
  • Adjustable air pressure
  • Oil-free
  • Automatic switch on/off
  • Air pressure gauge, air regulator and air filter
  • Start with pressure
  • Continuous powerful work

2. Spray gun with single-function-7-piece set

This airbrush gun with single-function-7-piece set can be applied for commercial arts, illustrations, photo retouching and crafts, etc.

3. Spray gun with double-function-9-piece set

The whole set includes a fine head airbrush, a 5ft. vinyl hose, a 2-oz, jar with cover, an attached 3/4 oz, jar, wrench, propel regulator, and an adaptor(1/4„ air hose from the compressor to the smaller air brush hose)

4. 3-way hose connector including 2 stoppers

The connector can be diretly connected to the compressor or between the compressor and guns, giving a possibility for up to 3 connection simutaneously.

Delivery includes 1 x mini piston compressor with air regulator, air filter, manometer and original box, 1x airbrush with single-function-7 piece set in storage box, 1x airbrush with double-function-9 piece set in storage box, 1x 3-way hose connector including 2 stoppers as well as the manual both in English and German.




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