Kungber SPPS-S3010


  • Easier to Set Values - Encoder switch is used on Kungber dc power supply 2021 version to replace the potentiometer switch which is widely used but not easy to adjust. On this version you can just “set” Voltage and Current instead of “adjust”. Make works accuracy, easy and fast.
  • 4 Groups of Internal Memories - You can set 4 groups of commonly used Voltage and Current combination and easily recall them by press “M1-M4”. Use the “ADJUST” knob to set new combinations.
  • Output Switch Control - Sometimes we need to switch between different voltage or current outputs, but we often forget to unplug the previous instrument and cause to burn out, which often occurs in the maintenance. Output switch is designed to solve this problem. By pressing the On/Off key, the required voltage and current can be adjusted without the actual output power, which makes this benchtop DC power supply more secure and more energy efficient.
  • Reliable and Safety - Kungber variable power supply use premium electronic components, provide reliable working status and prolong the product life effectively. Many safety measures are adopt in Kungber power supply- Grounding wire, Leakage protection, Thermal protection, Voltage overload, Power overload and Short-circuit protection. When the working temperature is more than 122℉/50℃, the intelligent thermal protection will activate the cooling fan to lower the temperature according to the load.
  • Compact and Various Application - This DC power supply is less than 3 lb and measures only 9.9 x 3.3 x 6.7 inches, with a high resolution of 00.01V and 00.01A, led 4 digits display. You can easily tune it within 0-30V and 0-10A, applies for laboratory, school, repair, electrolyzation, electroplate, brush plating, lamp test, aging testing, battery charge, home DIY and other requirements.




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