Yihua 992D


  • YIHUA-992D/992D+ 2 in 1 LCD SMD hot air rework station with soldering iron has a large liquid crystal display. With the LCD display, all the performance indexes are clear at glance. The dynamic display of air speed is extremely beautiful and elegant in appearance.
  • Various functions are designed on the pretty blue housing, thus to make our equipment extremely professional.
  • With the unique ABS air fan antilock function, the YIHUA-992D+ 2 in 1 hot air rework station with soldering iron will stop working in case of abnormal conditions. Once the temperature is out of control, its system will instantly cut off the power supply of the air gun, safeguarding the user and environment.
  • Thanks to the SAMSUNG SCM and PID program, the gun airflow temperature and iron temperature can be real-time tracked, corrected. Thus, the stable airflow temperature can be ensured. The temperature fluctuation is within ±1℃.




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